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Just saw a link to this awesome project on Facebook and thought I’d help spread the word.

2D animation and steampunk you say? Tell me more. Oh, the film will feature two lead females who are designed to encourage girls to pursue their interest in science and technology? Interesting. Oh and the animators are all Disney veterens? Well then. 

Check out the indiegogo page for the project Hullabaloo here and spread the word/donate if you can. 

Killarney to Kilkenny. Ireland sure is winning my heart.

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Goodbye gorgeous Galway.

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i think i can accurately say that i can crush a man’s head with my thighs

Hiking in Meijendel with the gorgeous @_jessicagrace

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default album art CD reflection

    A Perfect Day // Piano Cover

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happy birthday sailor moon!

North West one day having her own clothing or perfume brand ”North by North West” 

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Wait a second, am I tripping balls?


Sometimes life is just beautiful.

Pretty dresses, pretty cloaks, pretty hair, pretty please.

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Status about Sansa Stark turns into a lesson on misogyny, blame-shifting and why you’re never allowed to vocalise these issues on a public forum without being instantly lynched by your peers (and strangers alike)

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reblog if you cry every time

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The Jump

I’m really getting into #painting again and it’s a wonderful feeling.

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Imagine you’re 16 and you’ve just realized you might be gay. You’re being bullied, so reach out to your school for help – they send you to a chaplain. He says that being gay is a disease and you need to be cured.

Sound outrageous? The Australian government has just decided that’s what should happen in schools all over the country. The Federal Budget was just released with $245 million to send chaplains from anti-gay religious groups into schools instead of qualified social workers.

There’s still a chance to stop it. The Opposition is about to decide if they should pass the budget in full, seek to amend it or block it entirely. If this secret religious agenda doesn’t make headlines, it could be forgotten and passed without debate.

Help raise the alarm and stop tax money from being spent to bully vulnerable students. We only have days.
Join me and sign the petition here

why does this terrible man exist

Because this is the "End of the Age of Entitlement"

Though it was amazing anyone could make out what he was saying with that many silverspoons in his mouth. 

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